Dear Mrs. Jayasinghe,
Re: Donation towards Heart To Heart Trust Fund
UK Pounds – 1000.00 – Sri Lanka Rs.208,208.00
We thank you and the Association with much gratitude for the generous endeavour.  Our letter of appreciation together with the receipt has been mailed to you.
As requested by you in your letter to Dr. Ruvan Ekanayake, we thought it best that we send you a photograph of the beneficiary of your donation.
Mr. W.W.J.W Fernando is a 53 year old carpenter from Puttalam, presently unemployed due to ill health. Wife is unemployed.  Has a daughter and son. Daughter earns approx. Rs.4000.00 per month and son is schooling.
This beneficiary was assisted with a donation of Rs.200,000.00.
Attached herewith is a picture of the patient together with Dr. Rajitha Y De Silva – Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon who attended on the patient and Co-Founder of the Fund (together with Dr. Ruvan Ekanayake), sister in charge and two of the Junior Doctors of the ward.
Once again, Our Sincere thanks and appreciation to all.
Kind Rgds
Sharmeen Amath
Co-ordinating Secretary (Volunteer)
 (On behalf of Dr. Ruvan Ekanayake and Dr. Rajitha Y De Silva)